Social Media Optimization

10 Things You Must Know About Social Media Optimization Techniques



Social Media Optimization

What is Social Media Optimization?

Social Media Optimization is a process of increasing Brand Awareness Through different Social Media Platforms. You can Enhance your Social Media Marketing Plan With social media optimization techniques. You need a social media marketing consultant which can handle your social profile and optimization step by step.

1-Content is King:

Content is the King in Every Digital Strategy. So, Must have to focus on Content. Content should be:

  • Inspiring
  • Entertaining
  • Educating
  • Convincing

Content is the Base of Every Digital Plan. If you Don’t have Quality Content, don’t Expect Potential Customers for your Products & Services. If you don’t know how to write Content, you can hire a Content Writer for your business who will be a professionalist in Content Marketing. Hence “Content is the King.”

2-Engaging Designs:

Graphic Designs also plays a vital role in Social Media Optimization. Create engaging Social Media Posts with Engaging Content to get the attention of Potential Customers. Put a Call to Action on the Post So; they can know More About You. It is just like branding. The Desing of your post or ad should be creative, and the color you will use must Tackle the Audience’s mind. So, you will also have to learn color psychology. All these factors combine to make your Post or Add More Engaging.

3-Customer is King:

Remember 1 Thing that Customer Is King. So, whenever you notice that Potential Customers are Engaging in the posts, reply to them immediately and make them feel Royal. Provide value to your customers in return for Lifetime Loyalty. Listen to them, Understand What they Want & It Will is Win-Win. The Customer always goes there where they get respect, and you must have to be hospitable in your Content. So, they would feel like a Family with you, not like a Customer. Treat them as a family.

4- Segmentation:

Segment your Potential Customers in Groups & Sub-Groups according to their Niche. It will help you to understand What to Give to What Customer? And you’ll be able to Provide the Best Quality and Value to Right Customer in return to Life Time Loyalty. You can part your audience according to their age, interest, income, etc. It would help you to reach the right kind of audience with the right type of Content. Don’t Focus on too much Audience during Focus on Loyal Potential Customers.


Hashtags play an essential role in the SMO Plan. Hashtag research is the same as Keyword Research. So, it would help if you had proper hashtags on your post to get Organic Audience of Potential Customers. So, you must have Proper knowledge of hashtags to reach your potential customers. The perfect the Hashtags you’ll use, The more Organic Audience will come to you. So, Focus on proper Hashtag.

6-Quality vs. Quantity:

Remember one thing Marketing is all about getting Potential Customer’ attention. So, don’t overwhelm your Post or AD with too much Content. Focus on Quality instead of Quantity. The more the Engaging and Quality Content you’ll give your Potential Audience, The more they will attract towards you and respond to you. Hence always remember Quality when writing SMO Plan for your Potential Audience.

7-Too Sales:

Don’t be too salesy when delivering your Content to your audience. Remember not everyone is interested in your Products & Services. So, Why you become too many sales in your Posts & Ads? Marketing is a Game of Audience Engagement. It’s all about How much audience will engage with you ? & How much will convert into Paying Customers. So, Try to be Entertaining, Inspiring, Funning When Writing Content for your Audience.


The calendar is one of the most Important Parts of SMO PLAN. It would help if you needed a Calender for your Social Profiles. So, you can arrange your posts Daily, Weekly & Monthly according to time that reminds you What to post, Where to post & When to Post. So, it would be helpful for you to reach the right kind of audience with the right type of Content. There are lots of Websites that offer Social Media Managing and Calendering Platform, where you can create a calendar for all of your Social Media Profiles and can manage all your Social Media profiles at one time.


Always remember Headline of your Content will Decide either audience will respond to you or not. So, Use Engaging Headline for your Content that is relevant to what you’re providing them. If your headling will not match the intent of your Potential Audience they will not respond to you. The headline is as like as “The First Impression is the Last Impression.”

9-Call to Action:

Call to Action is an integral part of your Ads or Posts on social profiles. Let’s say you have created a Quality, Engaging & Inspiring Content for your Post or Ad and use a relevant Headline hence people interact with your Post or Ad but after the interaction What you want them to do? Do you want them to leave or use your services or Products? So, you have to put a Call to Action in your Posts or Ads So, they could reach your Services & Products. You Must have to choose a Relevant call to Action like Visit our Gallery, Sign up, Use navigation, etc.

10- Landing Page:

You must have to link the Landing page of your website with the Call to Action button on your Post or Website. The landing page must be relevant to the Content you put on your post or ad and with the Call to Action. So, you can let them do what you want them to do. One more thing the design of your Website or Landing Page must be Devices Friendly and Fast loading. So, they can easily Interact with your Website or Landing Page.


Measure your Success on Social Media Platforms Weekly & Monthly. Social Media Platforms Provide Analytic tools to measure your success. Measure Which Content is Engaging and Which is not.? Where to focus more? What does your audience want? What you’re Giving Them? etc. You must have to strengthen your hand in Analysis So, and You can understand the need of your Potential Customers And you can reach them with Quality, not Quantity.

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