Top 14 Trends In Instagram Marketing Tips 2020 To Watch.


As we know that Instagram is one of the most visited websites in the world, with 1 billion monthly active users. More than 50% of this number following at least a brand page. There are several competitors, so if you want to win on Instagram, an effective marketing strategy is critical for you. It means you have to stay up-to-date with the latest Instagram marketing tips in 2020

Instagram Marketing Tips 2020

It is essential to know that Instagram is a new marketing frontier for small businesses. It has excellent potential to bring many new customers. As of July 2019, Instagram was ranked #6 among the world’s most popular social networks. 

The key to successfully marketing your business, either it is small or big on Instagram, is building an engaged following part of the online community that allows you to become your future customer base quickly. 

Instagram marketing tips 2020 will allow you to boost the level of your business in a short time. Moreover, you will be able to start up a great platform with the best services on Instagram. Here is the description of some essential tips and tricks that allow you to boost the level of success. Let’s have a look at them. 

Take advantage of free Instagram tools

The Instagram business starts with your business profiles, which profoundly matters. It is essential to take advantage of all major and minor tools of Instagram. In this way, you will be able to understand how users are interacting with your content, and you can also take better engagements. 

Use a business account

Business profile

On joining Instagram, you can select either your account is a personal account or a business account. It is ideal for business because it allows you to view analytics, connect your account with your Facebook page. Moreover, it runs paid advertisements, and it makes it easier for followers to contact you. 

However, starting with a separate business account is considered a crucial step towards establishing your brand presence. It will allow you to strategize and implement many of our Instagram marketing tips for your businesses

Understand your audience

No matter what type of business, it is essential to understand your audience to market your solution. You must have to confident that what you sell if what you sell does not appeal to the customers; it will not work for your business. 

There is a whole booming industry, and competitors are everywhere. So you have to understand their audience by finding out that they are following and demographics. 

Furthermore, you should also check how your followers interact with your posts. You can also use a tool that you can use for this is Instagram insights. 

Fill in your bio

Fill in your bio

Instagram allows you to type150 characters to tell potential followers everything they need to know. Use this space wisely, and you can include hashtags in the bio. It will help the people to find your profile and make sure to include a link to your website in your bio. People read this bio and access your account according to their needs and desires. 

Establish your identity and look

As we know that Instagram is such a visual platform, the “of your profile matters. Everyone wants immediate followers to associate content with your brand.

However, using attractive color palettes and fonts can help with this. As well as a particular style of image is also consistent with your message. 

See what your competitors are doing

Are you not sure where to start? Just see what other small and medium businesses like yours are up to on Instagram. Then draw on their ideas for inspiration. 

Take a regular note of the kind of content they post, the hashtags they use, their visual language, and so on. 

Moreover, you can also check to see how well they’re doing and how many followers do they have. In this way, you can easily detect their strategy of work. 

Plan your content

Once you have decided what kind of content you want to post and be strategic about it. It is one of the essential Instagram marketing tips 2020 to plan what you are going to post.

However, it is essential to post at least every week, if not for several weeks at a time. Posting regularly and consistently keep your followers engaged, and people will take an interest in your content. 

Use hashtags 

Use hashtags 


Hashtags are one of Instagram’s most crucial features for businesses. This strategy makes it possible for people who don’t follow you to discover your content. 

According to the researches, it is proven that using 7 or 30 hashtags per post performs best. However, it varies depending on how many followers you have. 

Creating an interactive hashtag is considered as a great way to create instant engagement. Make sure that you are using hashtags n a proper and correct way. It is known as a straightforward strategy for some of the larger brands. Creating a hashtag that is used by the customers to tag photos increases the sale of the product. 

 Creating a hashtag is crucial that your company can search to re-post the pictures of your customers. it will accomplish two things like 

· It will allow more of your followers to use the hashtag because they will want to be featured. 

· When someone is posting by using your hashtag, they are exposing all of their followers to your company and products. 

Embrace Instagram Stories

Embrace Instagram Stories

This feature on Instagram has been making a huge splash. It can help you to set a small business Instagram page. 

Stories that appear at the top of followers’ feeds, which makes them stand out. However, these stories are more dynamic than regular feed posts, with tons of cool features. 

You can also post multiple Stories a day without cluttering up your followers’ feeds regarding your brand and products. 

However, Stories should be an integral part of your Instagram marketing tips in 2020.

Use video

As we know that Videos are more engaging and fun. You have several ways to post them on Instagram. 

 Like a Clip of up to 1 minute can be shared on your feed. Now you can also upload videos with a long time duration. It is known as IGTV that is a new feature by which you can upload a video up to 10 minutes. 

Don’t be shy about direct messages

If you want to boost the level of your business, this marketing strategy will help you a lot because direct messaging is more intimate than public discussion and may be considered more invasive. 

However, there are also many cases where it is considered appropriate and can help you build better relationships with your customers. 

For example, if someone writes a post praising your business, sending a DM to thank them. On the other side, if someone posts a negative review, moving the conversation to DM., it helps you to keep it out of the public eye and shows the customer that you’re taking their concerns seriously. 

Post at peak times

Post your content at times of the highest traffic. It means that you’re likely to get more engagement and interest. 

Do you know when the best time to post is? It varies according to the choices of your followers, and the best way to know the ideal time is to post to experiment and see what works best. 

Sprout Social experimented with it and found that the best times to post on Instagram are Wednesdays and Friday between 10–11 a.m. 

unique content for Instagram 

It is much easier to reuse similar content on all social media platforms, but this will get boring. 

 People who follow you on multiple platforms. Furthermore, it is essential to note that if they engage with that content on Twitter or Facebook, they will not engage with the same thing on Instagram. 

However, you can still reuse content, but change it up a little. Add a unique caption or alter the image a bit. 

Instagram Story Templates are considered a great way to create content that is unique for IG.  

Up your photography game

Make it clear that higher-quality your images are, the more professional your Instagram profile will look. 

However, there is no need to be a professional photographer to produce captivating images. Most smartphones have excellent cameras, and all you need to know is the basic tricks that can make your picture amazing. 

Use Highlights

This feature allows you to select collections of Stories to display right on your profile page. It is considered as a great way to showcase what your business is all about. In this way, you can also make excellent content for your page. 


All these tips for Instagram marketing tips 2020 will allow you to boost the business in a short time. There is no need to worry that your business is small, just be confident, and start working. 

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